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Ninja Mahjong

  Rating: Everyone

Some rival ninjas have come into your dojo and made a mess of your mahjong pieces. Use your ninja skills to match the pieces and clear the dojo as quickly as you can in this classic version of Mahjong.
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Instructions: The goal is to remove all 144 tiles from the board. You may only remove free paired tiles. A tile is free when no other tile is bordering it on the left and/or right side of it and no other tile is laying on top of or partially covering it. A pair consists of any two tiles that are exactly the same, any two of the four flower tiles and any two o the four geisha tiles. Use the "Peek" feature to slide the board left and right to see what awaits you. Use "Hint" to find a possible match, but your score will be reduced.

Controls: "fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "na"

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